Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Guide :: 02.12.10

Photo by Karen Mordechai

It's Valentine's Day this Sunday and there are a lot of unique dining options out there. If you're looking for freedom from the fixed price menu, check out Travertine. This Mediterranean restaurant is serving free cocktails with your dinner and have included special items for two such as heart shaped ravioli. Make your reservations for 6pm to 9pm. 19 Kenmare Street.

And if you're sick of restaurants altogether ? Email the Red Hook Lobster Pound. They are putting together $140 packages including all sorts of locally sourced goodies including a lobster pot to cook your two lobsters in, wine to drink with it, sweets for after, pickles for alongside, and chorizo and coffee for the morning after. Brought to you by the Lobster Pound, Brooklyn Flea, Dry Dock wines, Liddabit, Rick's Picks, the Meet Hook, and Crop to Cup. We think that's serious bang for your buck.

Two of our all time favorites have gone halfsies on a pop-up bakery. Liddabit Sweets and Kumquat Bakery are officially open now through Valentine's day. You can visit them from 10am to 7pm at 170 Franklin Street in Brooklyn and take home some famous mini cupcakes, organic local candy bars and much more.

Lastly there is a chocolate festival going on as we speak. For the list of many events check out this Chocolate + I Calendar.


  1. Love your style:-)

    Would love to know which lens you use and how do you manage the dark blurry vignette around the frames. Adds a lot to the photographs.


  2. Beautiful photo, as usual....smiles.

  3. Wow, this site is so beautiful! I also have a formatting/photo question for you. Do you use photoshop to make your mosaics? Or what? You are very, very talented.

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