Wednesday, February 3, 2010


If we didn’t tell you to, you would never know to stop here from the outside. Kaluystan’s is not boastful, but this Mecca of spices and more is a must know for all cooks in New York. With more spices, beans, rices, syrups, honeys, salts, nuts, we could keep going, than you could ever imagine under one roof, you’ll never be able to buy only what’s on your list. Thanks to Kalystan’s you won't shy away from recipes with unknown ingredients. And even more exciting is that they now offer thousands of their ingredients online for cooks everywhere. We promise, they have it.


  1. Whenever I'm visiting Manhattan, I always make sure I spend at least an hour in the Lexington Avenue spice shrine. I LOVE KALUSTYAN'S!!


  2. Oh, I wish we had such a shop in Holland!!

    groetjes, Madelief

  3. OMG, I used to live a couple of blocks from them.

  4. i wish there was a place like that near me. thank you for the online link!

  5. this was a very helpful review. i've always shopped online at penzey's spices but i wanted to try something local/specific to the NYC area! thanks!