Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vendor Spotlight :: Saipua Flowers

Photography by Karen Mordechai

Incorporating beautiful floral is one of our favorite parts of every event we do. As always, local vendors are especially dear to our hearts, and local and beyond Sarah Ryhanen from Saipua is one of the most talented florists we know. The one guideline we gave Sarah was that if at all possible, we would love olive branches. Can you think of something more beautifully rustic or Italian countryside ? We certainly couldn’t, and we were lucky that Sarah could locate them. This might be a difficult item to find, but there are plenty of beautiful branches that could stand in ( look for something with that silvery hue, and perhaps a black pop in flowers to mimic the olives ). Beyond that, Sarah took the reins and arranged in some stone urns of ours and some of hers (ours from Terrain at Styers). These gorgeous touches came big and small, from statement pieces on chairs, to a sweet soft touch on the gift table. These touches gave continuity to the room and warmth to the theme. Sarah’s ability to create these organic displays with the perfect amount of movement and beauty is more than we could ever hope to create ourselves. But you can learn from the best at one of her classes, or use her services. You can visit her storefront at 147 Van Dyke Street, or her website and blog. Thanks Sarah !


  1. We've loved your blog.
    Donas da Casa (asdonasdacasa.blogspot.com) is a house organizer and party planner from Brazil, we’ve loved your blog and work. And looking forward to participate in some of your events, when we will be in NY. How can we reach you?

  2. These arrangements are beautiful. I really like the 2nd and 3rd arrangements, the flowers are so delicate and add a wonderful touch.