Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vendor Spotlight :: Chewing the Cud

To wrap up our last dinner with Marcey Brownstein and One Girl Cookies, we were honored to incorporate the work of the tremendously talented Viola from Chewing the Cud. Viola created beautiful menus for the table, as well as the small signs you may have spotted in the other posts. Viola also created all the gorgeous favors for this event. We never let our guest go home empty-handed, and this class was no exception. Guests received these adorable sachets that read snuggle with cocoa, in a lilac color, to match our decor. Viola sells the cuddle with cider version in her shop, along with a lovely array of wedding invitations, cards and gifts. We also created packets of olive oil grissinis by One Girl Cookies and a parchment packet of recipes from the class. Check out the details and awesome little drawings that Viola incorporated into each recipe card. Working with Viola was an easy and truly enjoyable experience, she just gets it- and it was so exciting to get our beautiful bundle in the mail- so check out her website and store for more wonderful work !

In Viola's Words: Taking the cue from karen's inspiration boards, I wanted to create pieces that were feminine and sophisticated, but had a rustic/homespun feel to them. Feminine colors and typography were juxtaposed with whimsical illustrations and hand-stamped tags. The phrases "eat", "bake" etc were a playful touch that echoed the instructions on the recipe cards. I also thought it appropriate to make the recipe cards envelope out of something from the kitchen: baking parchment sheets.


  1. *sigh* the people that get to partake in these events are *so* lucky!

    What is the name of the little stand that the "coffee" card is on?

  2. viola is super talented! LOVE it...xx

  3. i just loved the cards, the details the drawings, so perfectly made. amazing photos...