Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Supper :: Winter Dinner

Our Winter Dinner was a jewel- inspired setting, rich with blues, purples and sparks of gold. We hand dyed our tablecloth to create a dark blue setting and decorated the table with seasonal goodies like berries, kumquats, festive greenery, and a variety of terrariums. The napkin rings were from a Bonbon Oiseau, and added the perfect touch of glam. Our super duper chefs, the
Jewels of NY created a wintery feast for the class :

shaved fennel and orange salad
with warm prosciutto vinaigrette

spice rubbed lamb chops
with grape-almond port sauce
and harvest vegetables

vanilla pudding with candied kumquats

We'll be posting recipes and photos from the class each day this week, so come back and visit....xoxo

All Photos + Styling: Karen Mordechai
Styling + Production Assistant :: Lizzy Sall
Guest Chefs :: Jewels of NY
Flowers :: Rountree Flowers
Vintage Props:: BrookFarm General Store
Napkin Rings :: BonBon Oiseau


  1. As usual, absolutely beautiful and inspiring.

  2. these are beautiful photos! thanks for sharing!

  3. how beautiful karen! i love the tiny kumquats, Deb's clips, the flowers... and the menu sounds delicious! wish i could have been there. here's to more beautiful SS in 2010!

  4. I've never been a big fan of purple, but it looks stunning in your photos! Absolutely beautiful.

  5. this is way to pretty, such a lovely lovely table!!

  6. Does anyone know how you can attend one of the dinner classes? I would love to get more info. If you do please jot me a note at
    Thank You

  7. Your blog is stunning and WOW so is your photography! Your photos are amazing! Can you come take some for me???

  8. Such gorgeous photos! Inspires me to throw a dinner party. And buy some bell jars...

  9. Beautiful! Random question, but where were the water glasses purchased?