Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cheese, In depth

When educating ourselves on the cheeses we learned about appropriate pairings. Here is a little lesson for all of you :

(clockwise starting at the top left )

Cremeux de Bourgogne : This is a French pasteurized cow’s milk cheese from the Burgundy region of France. It is a triple cream, soft, sweet and buttery. The dessert-like and fluffy nature encourages a complimenting sweet. In true dessert form we paired it with milk chocolate. Sinfully good.

Fleur du Maquis : This grayish block comes from a Corsican ewe and is raw. Small holes are dug in this cheese to be filled with different seasoning—in this case, Rosemary. The interior here is cake-like and mild, with a hint of cream. Its smoothness beckons the buttery nuttiness of walnut. We love this pairing but feel that maybe a sweet drizzle of something will prevent your mouth from feeling dry.

Persille du Malzieu : This beautiful bleu is from raw ewe’s milk, found on the perimeter of where Roquefort is found. It is spicy and earthy—this one stands alone.

Ossau Iraty-Vieille : This cheese from Pyrenees based sheep sits in caves for 10 to 12 months where it crystallizes and matures. Both sweet and nutty, this buttery cheese pairs perfectly with our sweet yellow clover honey and our quince paste—we put both out for the diner to choose !

Gabietou : Gabietou is fun to say and beautiful looking. It is also a combination of cow and sheep milk, raised in the Pyrenees. Slightly firm, slightly sharp, deep in flavor and brine washed, we like it with our crisp pear round.

Bon apetite !


  1. Absolutely stunning cheese presentation! There is nothing better than cheese and of course a glass of wine!

  2. gorgeous pics, yumm visual delight!

    I worship CHEESES!

    Jen Duchene

  3. where would one buy Cremeux de Bourgogne?

  4. That looks so beautiful...i am going to make a link to my blog, and credit you of course if you dont mind!

  5. For anyone interested, I found these beautiful porcelain cheese platters from Revol online, they are called bread and butter trays from several different sellers.