Friday, November 13, 2009

Our Weekend (Food) Guide:

It’s time to press pause It’s the WEEKEND! And if you're like us, you know that means one thing—it’s time to enjoy good food.

So if this Sunday’s Sunday Suppers was sold out by the time you tried to sign up, here are a few tips to ensure you have a yummy culinary weekend too:

This weekend is the Brooklyn Chocolate Experiment – a contest welcoming and judging all things chocolate. Watch the video from the last experiment here for inspiration. And don’t miss out on the big event, Saturday November 14th at the Bell House in Gowanus. 149 7th Street, Brooklyn (718)643.6510.

Almond Croissant, meet Pinot Noir. Does life get better? Mouth-watering Bouley Bakery is gearing up to open By The Ounce on November 17th (okay, so maybe we jumped the gun on the this weekend bit, but you can at least plan your first visit). What is a dining room during daylight hours will become a wine bar at 6pm—where customers are charged by the ounce - carefully selected wines, and can continue to munch on Bouley’s delicious dishes. Oh, we've heard rumors of a white truffle menu on opening night. yummmmm.
Bouley Bakery: 120 West Broadyway (@ Duane Street) (212) 964-2525.

Maialino might mean Suckling Pig in Italian, but don’t despair—no swine flu shot needed to check out Danny Meyer’s latest edition in the Gramercy Park Hotel. Simply a boyhood nickname, Maialino overlooks the beautiful Gramercy Park and is outfitted as a welcoming local trattoria. Be among the first to check out the red checkered tablecloths and salami and cheese displays. Mailino: 2 Lexington Ave (@21st St) 212.777.2410.

happy friday.

Photography by Karen Mordechai


  1. Oh my gosh that is a LOVELY coat! I second Lauren - where can I get this?!!

  2. Well , I certainly cant take credit for the coat....but our new assistant Lizzy was my model ...I think she said jcrew.

  3. Yes it is JCrew! Though unfortunately a few years old... They usually do some version of it though!

  4. Hey, FYI... The sommelier behind the scenes (and pouring) at Bouley's By the Ounce, is Andre Compeyre. He participated in your September 20th "Late Summer Picnic" supper... and loved it! Wasn't sure if you knew of the connection, but thought you'd like to. (Disclosure: Andre is my husband--he brought me to Sunday Suppers for a birthday present, and it was the BEST one he ever gave me; no kidding! So, I'm plugging for you both. Unsolicited.)

  5. what a cute coat! :) so funny that everyone's saying the same thing. i love it, too! :)

  6. This weekend is the Brooklyn Chocolate Experiment – a contest welcoming and judging all things chocolate.