Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fall Harvest : Part One

Our vintage Americana inspired table and matching whites and bluish grays in floral, were reminders that autumn is more than pumpkins and dahlias. The bouquets (by the uber talented Jessie@ Rountree Flowers) were made of of Calla Lilies, gray Lukadenron (the mini-pine cones), Lamb’s Ear and Dusty Miller Foliage: a token of a softer autumn foliage. Kale, feathers, Berried Ivy, and Anemones added deeper hues and pops of color and the vessels were our collection of vintage + tarnished teapots and pitchers.

We used a large wooden plank as a runner down the center of the table and scattered chestnuts and crochet covered votives for a touch of softness. Our menu was hand written by Bryn from Paperfinger and enclosed in a vintage frame. Place cards were zinc tags with rewritable surfaces (inscribed by Bryn as well) and tied with a strand of vintage fabric. The pale palette felt like the first frost and gray-white skies but our bundles of twigs, knits, chestnuts, and bursts of dark and color reminded us we weren’t quite in the thick of it yet. A perfect backdrop to a hearty Fall menu. We were very lucky to have Jillian from 100 Layer cake collaborate with us on the design and a wonderful group of talented artists listed below.

All Photos + Styling: Karen Mordechai
Collaborators Included:
Event design & styling: Jillian, 100 Layer Cake + Sunday Suppers
Flowers: Jesse, Rountree Flowers
Calligraphy: Bryn, Paperfinger
Guest Chef: Casey Solomon


  1. swoon - the colours are so beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous as usual!
    Greetings from Italy :)

  3. wow.. ur pictures always blow me away... the colors are so beautiful

  4. soo soo! I am compiling holiday tables would love to feature this setting on

  5. oh your photos are just beautiful! i wish i was there..oh wait...i was!!!

  6. All your pictures are so lovely ;)


  7. feathers + flowers = genious

  8. What a beautiful table once again. I adore everything about your blog!!!

  9. Just "rediscovered" your blog. Lovely photographs and posts.

  10. beautiful job, looks awesome!

  11. I am in love- can you tell me where the super cute water glasses are from {shown in the third photo set on the left side?}


  12. These pictures are very beautiful I love the vases, where would I be able to find them? I dont know where to begin.. please email me if it is possible, thank you!

  13. thanks for all the wonderful feedback. christina- the glasses are from fish's eddy ! and patricia, the vases are a vintage collection from different sources, flea markets etc. but you may want to try etsy and ebay for some good vintage wares.

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