Sunday, August 2, 2009

Recipe:: Fig and Sesame Tarts with Orange Blossom Whipped Cream

As many of you know one of our guests at the last sunday supper was Aran Goyoaga ( who will also be teaching our next class. (yay!!) Casey was putting the finishing touches on her fig & sesame tarts for dessert, and Aran happily jumped right in to help us plate and garnish. Aran was a true pleasure to have at our class, she wrote the sweetest review here - if you haven't seen her inspiring work, go there now ! It's absolutely amazing. Scroll down for the recipe of our Fig & Sesame Tart below.

All Photography by Karen Mordechai

Fig and Sesame Tarts with Orange Blossom Whipped Cream
Tip: If you want a smoother filling, put the cooked fig mixture in a blender and pour in to tart shells then chill.

10 oz dried Turkish figs
¼ c sugar
zest and juice of 1 orange
¼ c marsala wine or any sweet dessert wine
¼ c water
¼ c sesame seeds, toasted
10-12 pre-made mini shortbread pastry crusts
3 fresh figs
whipping cream
1 tbl sugar
½ tsp orange blossom water

Chop the figs into small cubes. Combine figs, sugar, orange zest and juice, wine and water into a sauce pan. Bring to a boil and reduce heat. Simmer for 15-20 minutes or until the mixture becomes the consistency of jam.
Let cool for 15 minutes and stir in the sesame seeds. Spoon into tart shells.
Make whipped cream with 1 tbl sugar and ½ tsp orange flower water. Put a dollop of cream on each tart.
Top with a sliver of orange zest and fresh fig.

Copyright © 2009 by Casey Solomon


  1. I love figs. The tarts are beautiful...

  2. Oh so beautiful.. I see figs at my fresh market and I never know what to do with them (aside from snacking on it!) Thanks for the recipe!

  3. The photographs on this website are so beautiful and delicious it literally makes my mouth water. I think Karen Mordechai is the most brilliant photographer of all time.

  4. mmmm...I agree with Michelle - the photos always look so yummy, ahh to have the space to set things up properly! (I am learning though)
    These fig tarts look absolutely scrummy and will be on my list of things to make for my dad's next birthday as he is the most avid lover of figs that I know!

    Keep Cooking. The Gluten Free Scallywag

  5. There are going on my to-make list. Figs = yum!

  6. Thank you for sharing the recipe. These tarts look so delicious. And orange blossom whipped cream? Yum....

  7. Your photography is amazing! And this dish looks out of this world!

  8. Oh that last photo! I think my heart skipped a bit! Breathtaking!
    Perfect recipe for all the figs I have getting from the neighbors!..and of course...they are tartelettes :)

  9. Thank you all !! michele...u are so sweet ! we're so happy to be inspiring you all to get cookin' :) ! happy fig season.

  10. Can you recommend a recipe for the pasty shells?
    I'd love to make these!!! Thank you!

  11. I'm late here...

    I did make these and the flavor/texture combination is FABULOUS.

    I used Phyllo shells (due to limited time and availability of shortbread shells). Very easy to make, beautiful to look at, and tasty to eat. I think the shortbread crusts would be ideal and just ordered some pans to make them... Next time! And there WILL be a next time : )