Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekend Guide :: 03.12.10

Sunday Brunch
what to do this weekend.... ? Come to a Sunday Supper!
***we have 2 tickets available for this sunday's brunch event - buy tickets here

Chocolate and Spirits
A free tasting of chocolates, wine and spirits will be held on March 13 from 3 to 6 p.m. at Bottlerocket Wine and Spirit, 5 West 19th Street.

Eileen’s Special Cheesecake, 17 Cleveland Place (Kenmare Street), will celebrate their 35th anniversary by selling cakes in the store at 1975 prices: $1.50 for a mini (usually $3.50), and $18 to $22 for a 10-inch cake (regularly $29 to $42)

Restaurant openings
Pulino's - the long awaited project between Nate Appleman and Keith McNally has opened and is accepting lunchtime reservations- we're looking forward to tasting their sure to be fabulous pizza - and what's a McNally spot without a perfect bathroom?
282 Bowery , New York

Above photo are candied beets from Marlow + Daughters. An unusual treat we couldn’t resist trying on one of our quick runs there recently and a perfect tie-in for beet week. These guys taste like most gummy candy, but even sweeter with that thick sugar coating on such a thin slice. Marlow + Daughters makes these guys in house, in fact we’re pretty sure we’ve never seen them anywhere else. Have you ?

Have a wonderful weekend


  1. loved all the beet week posts - one of my favorite root veggies. and cannot wait for pulinos, if we can actually get a reservation!

  2. I want to come a sunday supper ! Damn me, i'm in France :-( Nice shoot as always

  3. i want to come to a sunday supper ( it's better ^^)

  4. oh how i wish we could go to brunch!! im in cali! in the meantime, living vicariously through your lovely photos & posts :)

  5. If only I lived in Brooklyn....Love it.

  6. Thank you for lovely info! Ciao. Deborah

  7. What great recipes...I love here to the fantastic mangel should check the book jitterbug perfume...I love what Tom Robbins writes about this fantastic root!

  8. candied beet slices? why have not thought of that... I love beet syrup, beet sorbet... so will have to make them. Or at least try