Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gift Guide :: For the Novice Foodie

These gifts are for the person in your life who is a willing and ready student. They like food, but for them cooking is combining one part cereal and one part milk and serving. Help them to be the connoisseur you know they can.
[images borrowed from the websites linked below them]

A great cook book to start anyone’s collection, Local Flavors by Deborah Madison will take a foodie pupil and teach them about the farmer’s markets of the country and how to cook w local seasonal ingredients: the perfect start for every new chef.

A new foodie needs help not just in the kitchen, but on the scene as well. a subscription to Edible Brooklyn or Edible Manhattan will put any restaurant neophyte ahead of the curve. An artistic look at what is hot at the Country’s epicenter of Foodie-dom, this subscription is exciting for all.

A tool used at every level for every recipe, here are our favorite measuring cups in the Sunday Suppers kitchen. These All Clad guys found at Williams Sonoma, are the perfect weight, and cuter than your average measuring cup; we think they look like mini saucepans.

We heart utilitarian and vintage inspired kitchen basics, and these canisters from Anthropologie fall right in line. Help your new foodie organize their kitchen (everything works—coffee, flour, nuts, cookies) with these beautiful jars.

There are three very essential knifes to slicing and dicing your way through any recipe: The paring knife, the chef’s knife, and the serrated knife. Have these and you can’t lose. We found some of our favorites at Williams Sonoma and Brooke Farm General Store. We might suggest someone teaches this willing student some tricks of the trade before handing over such sharp toys : ).

Murray’s Cheese has a class for every level of cheese lover, but for the beginner we suggest 101. Help the unknowing develop their palate beyond Velveeta and into the endless world of flavor and variety.


  1. hi!
    I love your cooking
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    but i'm french and i don't speak english very well...
    pleaseeee, could you say to me what TBL mean ???
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  2. I loved the measuring cups !!!! Not so easy to find here in France...
    Good job, your site is great and inspiring....
    Photography: Incredible !!!