Monday, October 12, 2009

Frittata of Rice, Baby Zucchini & Feta + Fennel Pollen Yogurt

All Food Styling + Photography by Karen Mordechai
Recipe Courtesy of Camille Becerra for Sunday Suppers

Frittata of Rice, Baby Zucchini & Feta
served with fennel pollen yogurt

1 cup cooked white rice
2 tbl butter
2 tbl olive oil
10 baby zucchini, sliced length wise
4 scallion, sliced
1/2 bunch of chopped mint
2 tbl of chopped dill
6 eggs
1/4 cup of heavy cream
3/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
3/4 cup feta

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
In a cast iron skillet saute zucchini and scallion in butter and oil until soft. Mix in the rice and herbs.
Whisk eggs, cream, salt and pepper. Pour over rice mixture. Cook without stirring for 3 minutes. Add crumbled feta on top.
Transfer into oven, bake 12 minutes.

Fennel Pollen Yogurt
1 cups Greek yogurt
2 pinches of fennel pollen
2 tbl olive oil

Combine all the ingredients and salt and pepper to taste. Cover and refrigerate for an hour to allow the fennel pollen to release its flavor and aroma.


  1. Just curious: how much in grams (or lbs) it would be 10 baby zucchinis? 'Case mines don't look like 'babies' :)

  2. yummy! I love that you had this Sunday Supper at the Dumbo park! So beautiful!

  3. is the rice missing from the ingredients?

  4. Egle,

    Your zucchini question...10-12 oz or 3/4 of a pound.


  5. hello, this looks really good for packed lunches too. can you let me know how much rice is needed? i think i may have missed some prior info...


  6. hi ladies - so sorry, 1 cup of rice !

  7. this looks AMAZING!! i can't wait to try the recipe :)

  8. one more time, the mix of flavors is artful.

  9. I am making a frittata for a work brunch Friday and this is very inspiring!

  10. Yey! These recipes are so exciting to have!! Jen and I have been waiting impatiently for them. We so so so enjoyed our meal with you guys -- both because of the lesson, food, company, and beautiful setting.

    We also tried the last menu (kebobs, couscous, etc) for a dinner party and it went over so very well!!

    One thing that would be helpful, especially for like recipes on the last menu (less important with the frittata and pies) is a serving amt per recipe -- we sort of guessed whether they would serve 4 or 8 etc.

    Can't wait for the rest of the recipes, and another sunday suppers sometime soon!

    Thanks guys!

  11. hello there..
    love everything.. just wondering what is fennel pollen? i know fennel.. but never heard of fennel pollen..

    by the way i am bash from htt:// but also have a new coming soon dessert studio blog called madame sucre ! hope to see ya there!

  12. Ohh yum! That yoghurt has certainly intrigued me. Really can't wait to get to NYC this dec/jan and hopefully do a cooking course with Sunday Suppers! Am staying glued to my email for any news :-)

  13. lovely! thank you for the update on the rice quantity.

    will definitely give this a go over the weekend.
    do you think i could replace the heavy cream with something else? such as sour cream mixed with olive oil/lemon juice?

  14. Frittatas are such fun to make- you can put just about anything in them. Like the idea of rice and yogurt in yours- it looks delicous!

  15. Madam Sucre (what a great blogger name ! btw) fennel pollen are the tiny golden pollen are taken off wild fennel plants as they begin to bloom you can buy them here- it is quite strong - so a little bit goes a long way
    And Lizzy (and jen) thank you for the thoughtful sweet comments - we loved having you both - and thanks for the advice, we'll definitely start incorporating serving amounts. hope to see you soon !

  16. deborah - sure, I think you can try it with sour cream and let us know how it goes !

  17. what a wonderful outing and a frittata is always on my pic-nic menu (i make it with spaghetti sometimes...yum!)