Friday, May 15, 2009

Dessert :: Poached Stone Fruit with Marscapone

For dessert we poached apricots & plums, and served them plated with a little dollop of marscapone...the perfect ending
& now time for a nap!
Casey's Tip: You can use any kind of stone fruit for this. It’s gorgeous with peaches when they are in season.
See Recipe Below
All Photography by Karen Mordechai

Poached Stone Fruits and Vanilla Bean Mascarpone

2 c water
1 c sugar
1 vanilla bean
1 sprig of thyme
4 plums
4 apricots
8oz mascarpone at room temperature
3 tbl powdered sugar

Cut fruits in half and spoon out the pit.
In a saucepan on medium heat, combine water, sugar, vanilla bean and thyme. Stir until sugar dissolves. Add enough fruit to the pan to have a single layer floating at the top. You will have to poach in batches. Apricots will take 4-5 minutes. Plums will take 8-9 minutes. You want to be able to pierce the fruit with a pairing knife with little resistance. The already poached fruit can wait in a baking dish flesh side down, while you finish the rest. When all the fruit has been cooked, pour enough liquid to cover half way. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until completely chilled. Reserve the vanilla bean.
Place the mascarpone in a bowl with the powdered sugar. Split the vanilla bean down the center and scrape out the seeds. Combine with a whisk.
Serve both types of stone fruit with a dollop of the vanilla mascarpone and a little of the poaching liquid poured over top.

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